The poems here are by one of our Drop In guests. Dawn Bland is currently working on her second book of poetry.

Some of Dawn’s poems have appeared on fellow poet Chris Pitts’  website.

You can buy her first book of poems from this eBay page

Here is a song written for Dawn by Chris Pitts:

In God we trust,

Let faith arise.
When you open your eyes,
If your day is full of dread,
And you can’t clear your head,
Say grace and remember,
In God we trust.

When your faith is shaken,
And you want to give up,
There is nothing we can’t handle,
He promised us everlasting life,
As long as we believe,
In God we trust.

Hope is near,
Never fear,
His grace is clear,
Nothing can harm us,
Whom shall we fear?
In God we trust.

You Lift Me Up

When I am weak,
And can not speak,
When I am out of luck,
And feeling stuck,
I feel a tug,
You lift me up.

When I’m on my knees,
Begging you please,
I hear your voice,
With amazing grace,
You lift me up.

When my spirit is feeling low,
And there’s nowhere to go,
I call out your name,
And with your love,
You lift me up

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