This week’s notices…

Time to talk and pray

Sadly our buildings are not yet fully open. We do encourage you to book in for services or to pray at home, or join us for our online meetings. Contact us for details.

On Mondays and Thursdays at 3-4 pm there will normally be an opportunity to chat or pray in the chapel. This is a time open for anyone.

The ‘Prayer Room’ is open for anyone to use when the Centre Manager is at work, which is generally Monday to Thursday 9.30am to 3.00pm.

Wanted: Part Time Centre Manager

Wakefield Baptist Church is seeking to employ a Centre Manager who will work with the Church Leadership Team to care for the church community and the church building.

The Centre Manager is often the first point of communication someone has to our church. This person is the sign-poster and, in passing on and receiving information, provides the communication glue necessary for the church community to function well. This vital role requires excellent organisational, administrative and building management skills.

Details: here (download the announcement document) (full details on this page)

Contact us for details or to enquire.

Community Council Meetings

Any regular visitors are welcome to join us for our Community Council Meetings where we make decisions as a fellowship.  The meetings are held in the chapel and form part of our morning worship service.  The service commences with prayer, worship and a talk.  This is followed by a short coffee/tea/snack break and then our Community Council Meeting starts.  We aim to finish these at 1pm.

Agenda and minutes may be available on request from the Centre Manager. Future Community Council Dates will appear here as we know them.

Covenant Sunday

Each year we aim to have a Covenant Sunday where we commit ourselves to the worship of God and work of His church at WBC.  The next one was planned for May 2020. We will update this as we are able.

Baptisms at WBC

Adult Baptisms occur periodically following baptism preparation classes, usually 3 times a year.  If you are interested in adult baptism please speak to the Centre Manager who can forward your interest to the appropriate person.  Please speak to Kezia Robinson, Vivienne Rowden or Flora Davies if you would like to be baptised.

Membership at WBC

Membership at Wakefield Baptist Church is a serious and healthy commitment, as part of your faith life.  Kezia Robinson can offer you advice and information about the next membership classes.

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