Music Groups

We have 2 separate musical related meetings:-

Music Practice  7.30pm to 8.30pm


This for those who enjoy playing/singing worship music.   People who are able to play an instrument or lead worship through singing are welcome to come along to the practices.  We practice the songs to be used in the worship on Sunday morning and new songs to be used in the future.

Facilitator: Eleanor Brennan

WBC Choir 7.30 to 8.30pm


This is for those who can sing in tune and enjoy practising singing in harmony.  We perform occasionally as part of the church worship on Sundays, particularly at Easter and Christmas.  And we also enjoy singing a wide variety of secular songs  from Disney to 1950s.  We sing a Cappella and in harmony.   But most of all we just love to have fun and fellowship together.  People who love singing in tune are welcome to join.  Please call the church office on 01924 382966 if you would like to come along for the first time to make sure the group is meeting on the date you choose.

Facilitator: Eleanor Brennan

Enjoy one of our video songs made for Josh and Eunice Smith’s wedding in 2015:

Enjoy another of our video songs made for Tom and Mary Swinden’s wedding in 2015:

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