At Wakefield Baptist Church we are committed to living as followers of Jesus in every sphere of our lives. Sometimes there is an opportunity to engage in issues that we believe matter. Currently we are listening to the message of Ezekiel, and we have been reminded of the biblical principle found in Micah Chapter 6 verse 8.

He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.
And what does the Lord require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy
and to walk humbly with your God.

Micah 6 v8

Act Justly: A COVID free world?

Join in with the campaign to make COVID vaccines available to all.

Read Mark & Andrea Hotchkin’s blog about this.

Everyone needs urgently to have access to the vaccine which is why so many people in so many countries led by South Africa and India have been campaigning for a patent waiver and technology transfer similar to that originally envisaged by Oxford University. Only by massively expanding the number of manufacturers can we right the injustice of having 60% of the total UK population with a first dose of vaccine where as Africa has only vaccinated 1% of its population.

”There is no diplomatic way to say it: A small group of countries that make and buy the majority of the world’s vaccine control the fate of the rest of the world.”

Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus (WHO- Director-General) said at the World Health Assembly

You could petition the Prime Minister it takes a minute of your time or even write to your the Secretary of State for Trade, it takes a little longer but may make a huge difference if we all do it . 

Act Justly: New Immigration plan

On the 24th March the UK Government published its “New Plan For Immigration”. In it the government proposes sweeping changes to how they will treat people seeking safety in the UK. The Government launched a six week consultation on the proposals. The consultation was subject to widespread criticism as biased and ineffective.

Together with Refugees

A new coalition of many organisations working with refugees has been formed. Find out more at

Asylum Matters

Visit the Asylum matters website for a very informative guide to the government’s consultation questionnaire here:

Refugee Action

Like all groups working in this sector, Refugee Action is another group engaging in this debate.

The Government is asking the public to consult with them on their cruel and unworkable new immigration plans. Compassion, evidence, and 193 refugee and voluntary organisations tell us to fight against the principle of these plans, not help to thrash out the details.

Refugee Action

Refugee action have posted an open letter to Home Secretary; Priti Patel.  We suggest that you read the letter, and sign it if you agree.


The ‘New Plan for Immigration’ itself is a half-baked political manifesto. It lays out vague, unworkable, cruel and potentially unlawful plans justified by misleading or simply incorrect evidence, wrapped up in racist and divisive language. The consultation process on the plan is a confusing mess. It’s clearly designed to generate responses that endorse the Government’s plan, and leaves no space for those who disagree. Most incredibly, refugees and people seeking asylum – whose lives depend on these policies – are not being meaningfully consulted. Not one question in the official consultation document asks people about their personal experiences of fleeing persecution or seeking safety in the UK. The documents are only available in English and Welsh. The consultation is a thinly-veiled public relations exercise with a pre-determined outcome that was screamed in newspaper headlines months ago. It’s very clear that the Government plans to ignore people’s right to seek safety and pursue a cruel agenda of removing people who need the UK’s help. Think for a moment about the Government’s plan to demolish the right to claim asylum in the UK like a plan to demolish the house where you live. If Priti Patel announced the Government’s intention to bulldoze your house, you wouldn’t put much of your energy into a consultation about exactly how they knock it down. You’d put all of your energy into preventing them from going through with it. This is exactly what we need to do with these new plans for the asylum system; reject them completely, not discuss the small print on the demolition notice. That starts with the clearest possible statement of opposition of the plans for the asylum system. We hope that you will add your name to the letter, and share it with others. 

Refugee Action
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