We officially open when the Met Office Weather Forecast predicts three nights where the temperatures are 0 degrees C or below.  We are open from 8pm to 8am.


The weather forecast we have to use is the Met Office Temperature Range for Wakefield.   You need to click on the ‘Min Temp Range’ tab, and if it shows 0 degrees C or below for today, then we should be open.

Once we are officially ‘triggered’ we are then open for every day that the temperature remains at zero or below.

We have an information sheet for local agencies that explains all this – see below for the link to the download – and also a poster that can be displayed in any public space where it might be useful for rough sleepers.

The forecast is constantly changing through the day, but we don’t have the resources to keep checking.  We make a decision based on one check usually between 6-8am each morning.  Once a decision to open is made, we need to inform lots of people that we will be open in order to give plenty of notice. (BBC and other weather services sometimes give different predictions.  Our contract requires that we use the Met Office.)

Voluntary Opening

Sometimes we open whether we are triggered or not, for example on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.  We may also open at other times.  We are debating whether to open on regular days each week, or when the wind chill makes it feel like sub-zero.  If we get enough volunteers we will do this.  Watch out for updates.

Contact us

If you have any other queries please Contact the Night Shelter Coordinator or call the Night Shelter mobile.

  • call the Night Shelter mobile: 07477 897929
  • call the WBC Office 01924 923197 (will reach the shelter coordinator when open)
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