Helping people follow Jesus

We welcome people at all stages of their journey of faith to Wakefield Baptist Church.  Maybe you have been a Christian believer for many years, or you are just beginning to explore the Christian faith for yourself.  You might simply want to be involved with this community to enjoy friendship and support.

Getting cold out

As soon as the temperature goes to zero or below our Night Shelter will be open.  We always need new volunteers – contact the church office if you would like to do this – 01924 382966

We also need our existing volunteers to sign up on the Night Shelter rota.  Sign up for every shift you could do, even if it looks unlikely that the temperature will drop.  It just gives the Night Shelter Coordinator a good idea of how covered we are in the future.  Here’s the link to the rota:-

Access the rota by clicking here.

What’s new?

Check our notices page out to see this week’s notices as a slideshow.

Sunday 20th January 2019

9:30am – Breakfast, come and join us for fresh coffee and pastries with a Sunday newspaper and some good conversation.
10:30am – Worship. Join us for worship and the continuation of our series on whole life discipleship.
6:30pm – Cafe Church. Come have a bacon sandwich, explore our theme of Counting God’s blessings at the new year.

Bible Study

Wednesday 23rd Jan 7:30pm WBC
Join us as we follow the sermon series and explore fruitfulness at the coal face.