Helping people follow Jesus

If you are homeless and need somewhere to stay and it’s evening or weekends call the Overnight & Weekends Emergency Housing Number: 0345 8 503 503

What’s coming up?

For the time being we will not be having services at the Church buildings, but we are going to have live online services. Starting Sunday 22nd March. Look at our WBC Live page to watch, or see us on Facebook.

Check our notices slideshow on the right or on the Notices page.

Soul Space

Check out our reflections page for ideas to reflect on.

Night Shelter – Volunteers

Time to start signing up on the volunteer rota as we could be open any moment: ROTA HERE

If you would like to join our wonderful group of volunteers to help the homeless for the 2019/20 cold season please call Eleanor – 01924 382966 or e-mail our Night Shelter Coordinator. Book in for the next training session on 16th January 2020 at 7pm.