Wakefield Baptist Church – Mission Partners

WBC partners with several mission activities elsewhere in the world.  Some through the Baptist Missionary Society and some through other organisations.  These are people who are members at WBC who have been called to spread God’s word and take their special skills into other countries.

Our missionaries are supported regularly in pray for during our meetings and services. 

Mark & Andrea Hotchkin – in Bardai, Chad

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Donations can be made for their work through Wakefield Baptist Church or through the Baptist Missionary Society – http://www.bmsworldmission.org/

Mark and Andrea are working in Bardai which is in the Northern deserts of Chad.  There is an existing hospital which is very under-used and Mark and Andrea are expanding the work that is undertaken there to help the local villagers with their health issues.  Mark is a surgeon and Andrea is an Obstetrician.  They already have years of experience establishing and running a hospital on the outskirts of Chad’s capital N’Djamena.

Prayer needs for Mark and Andrea:

  • complete healing of the patients;
  • protection of staff and patients whilst continuing to work during the pandemic;
  • hospital working well during pandemic;
  • Abdel Karim, Medical Director;
  • church lay people whilst the Pastor is away;
  • tense political situation;
  • the language teacher & language learning;
  • laboratory technician visits and advances in bio-chemical studies;

Bardai Brief – Newsletters from Chad

Regular newsletters are available – please contact: wbc.centremanager@gmail.com to receive these.

Tim, Hannah & Rita Flatman – Brazil and South Sudan

Tim, Hannah, Rita and Moses Flatman are Latin Link missionaries serving in Brazil and South Sudan.

They live in Custódia, a small town in the semi-arid sertão region of Northeast Brazil, where they work with the Betel Brasileiro church. Tim & Hannah lead a team from the main church in Custódia planting a church and serving the community in Sabá, a nearby quilombola community. (Quilombola communities are communities of predominantly African descent, formed as an act of resistance to slavery and racist oppression.) They also teach in the main church and lead the teenagers’ ministry.

They also work with the Dinka Ngok community in Abyei, South Sudan, teaching, preaching, offering practical assistance to those returning to their homes post-conflict, supporting education, advocating for rights and promoting peace and evangelism. They spend 1-2 months in South Sudan each year.

Hannah is the Short Term Coordinator for Latin Link Brazil, sending and receiving missionaries and teams for up to 2 years.

Regular newsletters are available – please contact: wbc.centremanager@gmail.com to be added to the mailing list for these.

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