Night Shelter

You’ll be pleased to hear that Wakefield Baptist Church has been awarded the Night Shelter contract for a further 2 years by Wakefield District Council – 2018/19 and 2019/20.

The Night Shelter is an emergency cold weather provision funded by Wakefield District Council.  The contract remains for 1 further year and comes up for renewal every 3 years.  It is run by Wakefield Baptist Church (WBC) through the winter months, staffed by a wide range of volunteers, both from WBC and elsewhere.  We also have a ‘Night Shelter Administrator’, Kathy Smith (temporary), whose post is funded from the Council funding.  The Shelter provides overnight accommodation (and more) to homeless people in the Wakefield area.

When are we open?

What do we offer our guests?

I’m interested in volunteering

Night shelter guests are required to keep to some straight forward ‘shelter rules’ for everyone’s safety and comfort.

If you find yourself homeless in Wakefield during the winter – regardless of your gender, background, nationality or status (over 18s only) – you are warmly invited to use the Night Shelter.

If you have any other queries please contact Kathy Smith, the temporary Night Shelter Administrator or call the Night Shelter mobile: 07368 322655.