Community Activities

Social activities that bring the community together are very important to us.  As we get to know each other better we can relate to each others needs and really live in community as Jesus did.

The programme is planned annually and include some of the following:

Burns Night Ceilidh January 2017

Here is photographic evidence that we had fun “dancing” at the 2017 Burns Night ceilidh.  Thanks Steve for the evidence – shame we were all moving so fast! (Causing the blur…).

Greenbelt music and arts festival

Nativity presentations

 Carols & Christingle

Christmas day lunches

Arts and Crafts


Beach party

Held at WBC which is the furthest point from the sea!!!!

Celebrating special birthdays

Fun with the children

Going away together

We try to have church weekends away or away days about once a year.

Community Lunches

We enjoy eating together, and we do this usually about once a month.