Notices & Meetings

There is a Notice sheet for those who are part of the WBC community.  For upcoming events, please see the News page..

Creche at WBC for children of pre-school age

We are now able to offer staffed creche facilities during Sunday morning worship at WBC.  All children’s workers are DBS checked.  Parents and carers can attend worship, and because of the layout of the building, can still see your children playing through the glass doors which divides the creche area from the worship service.

Community Lunch

Wakefield Baptist Church provides a free community lunch approximately once a month. These are highlighted on the church notice sheet in the foyer, but also a sign will be posted on the main entrance door during the week leading up to the next lunch.  Everyone is welcome.

Volunteers needed to help with Sunday service duty rotas

Can you help with any of the Sunday service duties? In particular, we need volunteers to operate the projector and sound system at Sunday services. Training will be provided for this.

We also need people to:

  • Prepare/serve refreshments
  • Work with the crèche children (subject to DBS check)
  • Greet people on the door

Please speak to Kathy Smith, Centre Manager if you are willing to help on any of these rotas.

Volunteers needed to help Asylum Seekers

Volunteers needed to help with transport for asylum seekers
Due to policy changes, recent arrivals at Urban House(seeking asylum) are quickly moved elsewhere, but are required to return to Leeds for their initial UKBA assessment, which causes additional stress. If you are able to collect/transport people for these meetings, please see Flo.

Time to talk and pray

On Mondays and Thursdays at 3-4 pm there will be an opportunity to chat or pray in the chapel. This is a time open for anyone. The time is very flexible but on Mondays the emphasis will be on individual conversation and praying with the WBC Daily Prayer, Thursdays will offer a short time of teaching on Starting as a follower of Jesus.

Community Council Meetings

Any regular visitors are welcome to join us for our Community Council Meetings where we make decisions as a fellowship.  The meetings are held in the chapel and form part of our morning worship service.  The service commences with prayer, worship and a talk.  This is followed by a short coffee/tea/snack break and then our Community Council Meeting starts.  We aim to finish these at 1pm.

Agenda and minutes may be available on request from the Centre Manager.
Further dates for 2017 are planned for:-

  • 17th September 2017
  • 12th November 2017 (a listening meeting)
  • 21st January 2018
  • 11th March 2018
  • 20th May 2018 (Annual General Meeting)
  • 15th July 2018 (a listening meeting)
  • 16th September 2018

These may be subject to last minute change in extenuating circumstances. Check with Kathy Smith, Centre Manager, the week before the meeting.

Pastoral Care Group

    We have a pastoral care and prayer group which meets every 6-8 weeks.  This group is a confidential group who share pastoral care needs, meet those needs in a practical way and by prayer.  Practical help can be given by visiting, providing a meal, offering a lift and praying for needs.  This group links closely with our 2 prayer vines – the phone prayer vine and the Facebook prayer vine.

Covenant Sunday

Each year we aim to have a Covenant Sunday where we commit ourselves to the worship of God and work of His church at WBC.  The next Covenant Service is Sunday 4th March 2018.

Baptisms at WBC

Baptisms occur periodically following baptism preparation classes.  If you are interested in adult baptism please speak to the Centre Manager who can forward your interest to the appropriate person.