This is an important part of the life of our community, when we meet to discuss and discover what is happening at church.  As well as the usual agenda items we will be voting on 2 members who have been nominated to stand on our Church Leadership Team – Melanie Neale and Susan Phillips.

Please see below the agenda and previous minutes plus 2 voting slips for you to see in advance:

15 Jul 2018

20 May 2018 AGM

Staffing Proposal 15 Jul 2018

FLORA DAVIES Regional Recognition of Ministry 15 Jul 18

VOTING SLIP for FLORA DAVIES Ministry Recognition 15 Jul 2018

VOTING SLIP for new CLT members 15 Jul 2018


Here are the notices for July outlining our regular events and any other events coming up:

Notice Sheet July 2018


5th August 2018 @ 1pm

For everyone in our WBC family come along for fun and food at Kezia and Mark Robinson’s home on Sunday 5th August from 1pm onwards.  If you would like to bring something, you could bring something to drink, a salad, a dessert.


Our Minister, Kezia Robinson, will be away for much of August, so please try to only contact her in an emergency.  If you are unsure please call the Centre Office first on 01924 382966.

Also, many of our weekly activities are ‘resting’ throughout August so use this time to get together in each others homes, have a mix up meal, meet out for a picnic, go to the cinema – as the Bible says: ‘Don’t give up meeting together”!

BAPTISMS – SUNDAY 9th September 2018

There will be baptisms as part of our morning worship from 10.30am on Sunday 9th September.  Put this in your diary and be sure to come along and support those being baptised as a public declaration of their faith and in obedience to God.