Helping people follow Jesus

We welcome people at all stages of their journey of faith to Wakefield Baptist Church.  Maybe you have been a Christian believer for many years, or you are just beginning to explore the Christian faith for yourself.  You might simply want to be involved with this community to enjoy friendship and support.


Come along tomorrow evening 11/7/18 at 7pm and watch the

England ‘v’ Croatia game in good company with some delightful nibbles


Agenda / Previous Minutes

VOTING SLIP for FLORA DAVIES Ministry Recognition 15 Jul 2018

VOTING SLIP for new CLT members 15 Jul 2018


5th August 2018 @ 1pm

For everyone in our WBC family come along for fun and food at Kezia and Mark Robinson’s home on Sunday 5th August from 1pm onwards.  If you would like to bring something, you could bring something to drink, a salad, a dessert.  Contact the Centre Office for the address.

Sunday Morning Services in August

PLEASE NOTE that morning services throughout August will be all age and café style.  This gives the Youth and Sunday School leaders a well earned rest and also introduces a more relaxed style of worship for those who prefer this.  


5th August: Kezia Robinson and Sue Phillips

12th August: Dick and Flora Davies

19th August: Jody Gabriel and David Taylor

26th August: Stephen Brennan (some of our folk will be away at Greenbelt or ONE event for the August Bank Holiday weekend)


Many of our regular weekly groups are closed throughout August so please check with group leaders or the Centre Office if you are not sure.

BAPTISMS – SUNDAY 9th September 2018

There will be baptisms as part of our morning worship from 10.30am on Sunday 9th September.  Put this in your diary and be sure to come along and support those being baptised as a public declaration of their faith and in obedience to God.

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